Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a cover for this week's bulletin?

Simply log in to your account and you will be directed to your home page. Bulletin artwork for the current week will display automatically, as well as Scripture readings, clip art, and more.


I'm working ahead. How can I find next week's content?

From the Search bar, use the Next Week and Last Week buttons to show results for any week you choose. You may also view content from any date range by clicking Date Search and selecting your dates.


I'm new to Portal. How do I get an account?

If LPi prints your publication you already have an account. Contact us for your login information. If you are not an LPi customer, contact us for a free 30 day trial or Art & Media Portal.

I forgot my password. How do I access my account?

First, click the Log In button at the top of the screen. Next, click the I forgot my password link, enter your e-mail address, and click Retrieve password to receive a password recovery e-mail. If you still are unable to access your account, contact us.


How do I change my account information or password?

Simply log in to your account and click on the Settings button from the main menu bar to change account information. Scroll to the bottom to change your password.

How do I use the Search feature to find specific content?

From the Search bar, enter keywords into the Search box, select media type, language, and/or color format and click Search. For example, if you were looking for Easter covers, you would type Easter into the box and select Cover from the Media menu to view your search results.


What if I use the search box and no results are found?

Try using fewer or different keywords and see if the result changes. Also, make sure you have selected the correct media type. If you continue to experience issues, contact customer support.

How do I download an item?

From the search results screen, under any image or piece of content you will see the options to Download, or Add to Queue. Click Download to download the item immediately.


Can I save items to view or download at a later time?

Absolutely. From the search results screen, under any image or piece of content simply click Add to Queue. You may access your queue at any time by clicking on the Downloads button from the main menu bar.

How do I find related content or different versions of an item I'm viewing?

From the search results screen, simply click on the image or piece of content to see its details. Related items can be viewed by clicking on keywords. If available, additional versions and related items will appear below the item.

What are messages?

Messages are an easy way for LPi to send you important updates and announce new artwork. Any new messages will appear when you first log in. To access your message history, simply click on the Messages button from the main menu bar.

How can I find Spanish content for this Sunday?

Much of the content available on Art & Media Portal is provided in English and Spanish. However, by default, the English version will appear in the weekly Sunday Dashboard. You can view the Spanish or bilingual versions of items in three ways:

  1. From the Sunday Dashboard, select “Spanish” from the All languages drop-down menu in the search bar, and then click Current Week. The page will refresh to show content in Spanish for the upcoming week.
  2. If you regularly search for bilingual or Spanish content, you may want to change the default content display to Spanish. Do this by clicking Settings at the top of any page on Art & Media Portal. On the right side of the Settings menu, under Search Preferences, set the default language to Spanish and click Save. Now when you click Dashboard at the top of the page you will return to the Sunday Dashboard with bilingual and Spanish content displayed by default. (Note: unlike the option above, this default view will remain in effect until you change the default language under Search Preferences.)
  3. To see if a specific item has a Spanish or bilingual version available, click on any item in the Sunday Dashboard that displays the Multiple Versions icon (multiple versions icon) to go to the item Preview. Below the preview any other available versions of the item will be listed (different color, language, and size formats).